Hi, I’m Samir Gurung.

We live and learn, or, perhaps more importantly we learn and live.

– Terry Pratchett, Snuff

Welcome to my small corner of the inter-web.

I love the idea of continuous self-improvement through the art of travel and thus, this internet space is home to my introspections about my travel journey. 

I hope to not only document but also enthuse you to think BIG to pursue a life of deep, meaningful travel. I believe we can make our lives our own and sculpt it to how we want it to be. And what better way to renew ourselves than to travel long-term and learn exponentially in the process.

Through this lens, I hope to explore and discover the practical principles behind slow, intentional travel. I write about self-improvement, productivity, physical and mental health, language learning and many more. I also share helpful resources and insights that have helped me time and time again during my trips. 

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Samir Gurung